The Poiesis of Turbulence 

21. Apr - 15. May 14 / ended Husk

Performance | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Live performance by Lia Chavez and Linnea Spransy

Performance: April 21-24, 2014, 12-6pm
Exhibition: April 30 - May 13, 2014
Private View and Panel Discussion with the Artists: May 5, 6-9pm
(Panel Discussion begins 7.30pm)

Endurance and discipline are an artist’s means of entering an almost soporific state of concentration and submission to their work.

Respectively, Spransy and Chavez depend on this highly productive feature of studio practice in different mediums and from different angles: Chavez in performances which germinate theories of consciousness and various works in
the fecund darkness of deep meditation, and Spransy in installation drawing from the alert specificity and startling diversity of equations and rule-making.

Individually, each artist displays a robust and unique studio practice; collaboratively, they emphatically demonstrate their shared discovery that severe limitation and stamina have counter-intuitively lavish results.

Their tandem endurance drawing performance at Husk Gallery - documented in video - displays both the obvious difference and similar repetitive commitment of both artists.

Spransy works eyes-open with methodic delicacy, allowing blind accumulation to arrive at an image; Chavez is physically blindfolded and gesturing with her entire body in the act of mark-making, recording the violent meteorological
images she sees in prolonged theta-state meditation.

The viewer is invited into this ongoing atmospheric performance, similar in many ways to the artist’s internal state, one which is utterly silent and constructed with
profound discipline, yet seethes with complexity and effulgence.

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