Samuel Jeffery: The City 

19. Apr - 25. May 14 / ended Piper Keys

Exhibition | Sculpture | London

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Samuel Jeffery presents works from his ongoing series of box sculptures.!
Each box has been an extended modelling project following a routine of shaping, finishing, modification and repair. The
basic form of a four walled container is achieved through heating and folding plastic to create units of close dimensions.
These are carefully decorated with various stripe designs, applied using materials including tape, electrical wire, salt,
noodles and blades of grass. The surface of each, an adaptable prototype, is primed, often sanded back, then reinstated
and layered again with grey undercoat paint.!
Unlike the mass produced boxes of a factory line, we recognise an individual agency at work, certain areas are given
special attention: a window is cut out and later re-filled, sutures are made and then disguised. On close viewing we
notice the impressions left by Jefferyʼs attempts to hand-render his boxes: a misshaped fold, residual brush marks in the
grey paint, an errant hair. Their surfaces are decidedly imperfect, suggesting that their finish is not yet final.!
Jefferyʼs box sculptures are oblique recollections of a minimalist lineage, played out from the point of view of the
hobbyist. They resemble prototypes for a rudimentary technology, like a flower pot or a lunch box. Or they might be
thought of as parentheses, holding structures, empty signs that act as containers for content (ideas / comments /
information). Taking this idea to its logical extension they could represent the ubiquitous information systems that govern
our lives and that we are contained within: digital, financial, political, and their physical counterparts: the brain, the home,
the city.!
Samuel Jeffery currently lives and works in Berlin. Recent exhibitions include three person shows at Marbriers 4, Genèva; and
Winter Projects, London. In 2012 Jeffery made a feature film in collaboration with Jacques Rogers which was screened at Cell
Projects, London; OUTPOST, Norwich; and Asahi Picture News, Zürich. He will take part in Peace & Love, the inaugural
exhibition at TG Gallery in Nottingham.!

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