Of Limited Time 

1. May - 4. May 14 / ended Doomed Gallery


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Exhibition | Photography | London

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Lee De Redder

Lee De Redder

East meets West (London)

‘Of Limited Time’ will take place on Thursday 1st May at 6pm with complimentary drinks.

The exhibition is to be held at ‘Doomed Gallery’ (65/67 Ridley Road, Dalston, E8 2NP), just a moment’s walk from Dalston Kingsland station.

‘Of Limited Time’ is a collaboration of three West London photography students, Lee De Redder, David Gibson and Jennifer Bracegirdle, who have been traditionally documenting the disposable culture in East London. They have been shooting on medium format cameras, going back to the roots of photography and black and white film. With this back to basics approach each of the photographers have spent time in the darkroom hand processing each roll of 120film to revel their images.

The varied nature of this body of work has given each photographer the opportunity to branch out with their own understanding of 'pop up' culture and have been able to shoot in very different ways to contribute to the same subject matter. This unique approach allows viewers to see a specific topic from three different angles through the individual interpretations by the three photographers of the ever-changing scenes in East London. The process began for them all by getting a feel of the place before shooting; they had to understand the different environment and people within it before they could be enveloped into it. From this, they each had entirely different views that had struck them, realising that the topic itself could have many interpretations and they wanted to demonstrate theirs individually; but come together to present different perspectives.

The exhibition will run from the opening night Thursday 1st May until Sunday 4th May.
David Gibson said: “Of Limited Time looks at the constant changing nature of an area. I want to focus on the artistic genre, making images of the graffiti, signs and posters, different ways in which people leave their mark on society. These are all ephemeral, photography allows this moment of time to be documented and remembered”. He is concentrating on the traces upon traces that people leave each day and how they can be so casually walked past by those who are accustom to the area. Whereas Lee De Redder is portraying the physical 'pop up' in terms of the markets, the shops and spaces; which change weekly. Lee De Redder said: “This is chance for us as a group to document what we each enjoy about the area and how it changes so often to stay an exciting vibrant hub of art and people.” Jennifer Bracegirdle however is looking to those who have become entwined in the area, she states “The art has molded around them, and these people become a subculture of local art, the characters are fascinating”.


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