What Now? 

3. Apr - 27. Apr 14 / ended The Stone Space

Thursdays and Fridays between 2-6pm, on Saturdays 12-5pm and Sundays 12-4pm

Exhibition | Architecture | London

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What Now? by Jeff Cox

The paintings in this show are Jeff Cox's reflections on life, memories and art. They are the result of recent work but they call upon past work as well as more recent ideas. Jeff has taken this opportunity to test himself in various ways while remaining aware of the range of possibilities in this post postmodern age.
Like many painters he is uneasy with the blanket term “abstract”- he does not consider any of his paintings to be abstract in the purest sense. Some would argue that all painting is abstract: painting is a bunch of forms and colours on a flat surface. All his paintings have a definite content but he is very resistant to explaining them.

The artist will hold a Q&A on 26 April at 3.00 pm

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