6. Mar - 6. Mar 14 / ended Lighthouse Brighton


Starts at 6:30pm

Talk | Design | South East

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Step behind the scenes and get a glimpse of the thinking motivating the digital world’s greatest artists, thinkers and doers. Writer, researcher and current Lighthouse resident Georgina Voss is this month's speaker.
Georgina Voss is a researcher, writer and current resident of Lighthouse Studio. Her work spans the politics of technology and engineering; grassroots communities and practices; and hidden and deviant labour. She holds a doctorate from the Science and Technology Policy Research Unit at Sussex University, and was co-author of the ‘Better Made Up’ report from NESTA which examined the co-influence of science fiction and innovation.In this talk, Georgina will step behind the shiny front-end of consumer products and technology to explore the stories from the supply chains and the infrastructure that underpins them.
Looking at the assumptions we make about manufacturing and design – from the materials we use to the people that produce our products – Georgina will ask why we end up with the technology that we do? What do we ask for, and what do we really get? What are the everyday roles – such as factory workers and suppliers – that aren’t visible, and how does that change the way we think about supply chains? How can stigma make some of these jobs deviant and others acceptable, when they’re all part of the same system?
This talk will also look to the future and the ways in which supply chains might collapse or radically change under conditions of climate change, and whether new forms of localised manufacturing and grassroots innovation could rise up to fill the gap.
From innovation to production, Georgina’s talk asks: How do the meanings, expectations and narratives around technologies change as they move from being ideas into reality?

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