Occupation - Tracey Payne 

7. Mar - 9. Mar 14 / ended ArtLacuna Space



Exhibition | Installation | London

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photo credit Mark Renshaw

photo credit Mark Renshaw

Installation of inflatable entities for people to explore

The artist has made inflatable 'entities' tailored to the ways in which visitors move around the Art Lacuna Space. Visitors will be encouraged to touch the inflatables to appreciate them fully, which the artist hopes will also undermine the forbidding aura which can surround some contemporary art.
The inflatable entities will cycle between two distinct states - noisy boisterous inflation followed by quiet reflective deflation. Alternating, in turn, between being loud and rude, and as quiet as a grave.
Tracey's aim is for the installation to provide a free and exciting environment where people can wander, speculate and phantasise with the inflatables operating in a similar way to giant 3-dimensional rorschach blots - bringing unconscious fears and desires into the lit space of consciousness.

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