HAIKU by controluce – teatro d’ombre 

13. Feb - 13. Feb 14 / ended rosenfeld porcini

the event is priced at £15

the performance begins at 8:00pm and will last 45 minutes without intermission.

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HAIKU by controluce – teatro d’ombre

rosenfeld porcini is proud to present a series of three exclusive performances to launch its 2014 cultural programme.

Although a contemporary gallery, rosenfeld porcini values a multidisciplinary approach both through its curated yearly themed exhibitions and more recently the initiation of a cultural program focusing on one off niche events involving artists across all disciplines. The cultural programme ranges from performance (dance, sound, theatre, film), debates and conferences where the public, academics, artists, and professionals are invited to discuss, experience, and explore art in its widest sense.


HAIKU by controluce – teatro d’ombre

AN EVENING OF MUSIC by quartetto prometeo


CORD – CELL – CUBE by bongsu park

each event is priced at £15

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by controluce – teatro d’ombre

13 february

Commencing this season’s series of events the gallery presents ‘haiku’, a mesmerizing performance by renowned shadow theatre company CONTROLUCE (Turin) in conjunction with Japanese butoh dance group SHIZUKU. Inspired by the Haiku – a traditional Japanese form of poetry, Controluce and Shizuku combine forces to create a stunning visual accompaniment that merges shadow, movement, sound and video. The result is an intimate and atmospheric performance that draws on contemporary occidental idiom to breathe fresh life into these delicate meditations on the natural world and man’s place within it.

the performance begins at 8:00pm and will last 45 minutes without intermission.

notes on the artists controluce – teatro d’ombre

HAIKU is a performance work that stems from research into the interaction between butoh dance, shadow theatre and video, three visual languages that yield infinite possibilities for abstraction and metaphor. The work is the product of a successful collaboration between the Italian theatre company CONTROLUCE Teatro d’Ombre and the Japanese butoh dance group SHIZUKU. Taking as its point of departure the traditional form of Japanese poetry, Haiku, Controluce using light, shadows, music and movement reinterpret the inherent themes of this poem. The piano score has been written by the composer Nicola Campogrande.

Controluce Teatro d’Ombre was founded in Turin in 1994 following the meeting of Spanish painter Jenaro Meléndrez Chas and musicians Cora Demaria and Alberto Jona.

Shizuku is a dance group founded by Dakei a butoh dancer who, through the peculiarity of being deaf and mute, has developed the remarkable skill of effectively ‘listening’ using his body.


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