Maisie Broadhead: Broadhead's Women 

20. Mar - 26. Apr 14 / ended Sarah Myerscough

10-6 M-F; 12-3 Sat

Exhibition | Photography | London

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Maisie Broadhead, Isabella - Study 1

Maisie Broadhead, Isabella - Study 1

Solo Exhibition Featuring New Works

This collection of new works includes a new series of photographs entitled Broadhead’s Women; a collection of studies portraying three generations of women from the artist’s immediate family. Broadhead’s Women hi-jacks the recognisable compositional styles of two historical painters - Johannes Vermeer and Vilhelm Hammershøi, and highlights their similar obsession with repeating a visual format. By mimicking these two iconic compositions, the individual studies in this series, like their subject, are closely related with the difference lying in the subtlest of details.

In other new works, Broadhead focuses her attention even more acutely on herself with a series of self-portraits. Here, she continues her playful exploration of weaving together the two-dimensional image with sculptural and three-dimensional elements. The self-portrait’s classical reference points are evident and recognizable, but new illusions and ‘tricks-of-the-eye’ underline the artist’s self-reflection at a time of early motherhood, torn commitments, and lack of sleep.

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