Anthony Frost: American Smoke (Neon Burn) 

6. Mar - 29. Mar 14 / ended Zimmer Stewart Gallery



Exhibition | Painting | South East

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Glider - mixed media on canvas 91 x 152 cm

Glider - mixed media on canvas 91 x 152 cm

Anthony Frost: American Smoke (Neon Burn)

Anthony Frost returns to the gallery with an exhibtion of new paintings and works on paper.

The title of the exhibition "American Smoke (Neon Burn)" hints at a period in recent US counter culture from the 1950's to the 1970's, road trips, motel signs and the Beat Generation.

This is also the period when Anthony Frost was growing up and starting to develop his own artistic style and appreciation for music.

It is not surprising then that the two merge in his paintings with titles based on Captain Beefheart or Frank Zappa. More recently Anthony listens to current american bands on independent record labels.

Anthony Frost's abstract paintings are bright, full of colour and expression. They include repeated motifs and a mix of materials (acrylic, hessian, sail cloth, string and other materials that come to hand). This hints at a complexity in the work, which at first sight appears quite straightforward.

Although there is an element of planning in each work, there is also a random element which manifests itself in the creative process: Adding a piece of material or a tie that can change the painting's direction in unplanned ways, much like the stream of consciousness writings of the Beat Generation.

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