Truth & Justice 

23. Jan - 16. Feb 14 / ended The Jam Factory


10am - 11pm

Art Fair | Multi-disciplinary | Midlands

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An Exhibition of Lenticular Art

The Jam Factory presents Truth and Justice, a visual treatise by 5 artists, Matt Andrews, Igloo, Emma “Dex” Dexter, Oliver Ashton and Robert Munday. Using predominately the Lenticular imaging medium as either animated, 3D or Flip images, the works of art in this show will open up your thoughts, force you to ruminate on your own beliefs and with luck make you laugh.

Art has an important role to play in helping us see the “wood from the trees”. Artists have the opportunity to stand up and point out the injustices and the lies. They can describe the parameters of where real truth exists or at least the direction in which it might be found. Art can create images that encourage people to think and can raise uncomfortable questions or challenge the entrenched, the bigoted, the smarmy marketing pulp or the bullying sales attacks.

Art is the weapon of the masses because artists distil subjects, ideas and stories in such a way as to allow insight and understanding. Using humour and keen observation to puncture the inflated and aggrandised Truth & Justice stands up to the disinformation by challenging the lies and injustice. By exhibiting these artworks we make that challenge both public and undeniable.

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