GREGOR’s Lament: New works by Chris Hawtin 

9. Jan - 16. Feb 14 / ended Canvas & Cream


h.12.00 - 5.00 p.m. - Thursday to Sunday or by appointment

Exhibition | Painting | London

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Chris Hawtin presents fragmented narratives frozen in time, in this exhibition ‘Gregor’ invites you to bring them to consciousness

Using computerised imagery woven with painting and sculptural processes, Hawtin’s work explores the relationship between organic and cybernetic structures and the effect of technological acceleration to geographic space. Neither commenting on a negative or positive outcome Hawtin’s work vicariously looks outward towards other dimensions to offer us a glimpse into an alternative existence of hybrid identity.

Hawtin creates narratives that aren’t narratives, sitting somewhere between science fiction, a post apocalyptic land and a story reminiscent of a ‘surrealist’ puzzle to be unravelled. They do not follow usual conventions, they do not have beginnings or ends and have sporadically connected events, if they can be said to be connected at all. The characters spontaneously appear in one work or another, the viewer is positioned as protagonist or investigator searching, piecing or weaving the ‘story’, often creating and telling their own. Through this animate and inanimate relationship, the audience is central to Hawtin’s work, the viewer’s interpretation determine the outcome, if any, of the story as it travels and unravels in time.

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