Closing Party & Holiday Celebrations | Unblind Ambitions 

21. Dec - 21. Dec 13 / ended The Invisible Line

6 - 8pm

Event | Painting | London

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Please join us for a final viewing of Boris Born's art if you haven't already, and stay around as we celebrate the end of the season with fellow TIL artists, staff, and friends.

Boris Born’s works are spectacular, alienesque abstractions. They are as free in style as they are in concept— nameless and unhinged from definitive frameworks. “Titles are names, explanations, aids,” he says. “The painting changes through a title. It becomes illusionist, pretentious, interpretive, executive, representative, decorative…It loses its independence. It goes blind.”

With his primitive and playful brush, Born seeks meditation and observation through his work. In this exhibition, you can see a wide selection of his different series. Over the years, Born’s palette gets brighter, his lines more distinct, giving way to angular or organic shapes and their contrasting effects. The result seems like a scene from the landscape, objects, or creatures of a different planet.

In this process, Born roams freely between mediums and tools: tealeaves, sand, and ash are some of the many unusual pigments he likes. Playing with colours and textures, he paints, spreads, scrubs and assembles the material onto canvases made of industrial felt-pads, roofing slate or embossed wallpaper amongst others.

Curated by Tara Aghdashloo

*It has been an amazing year for us at The Invisible Line and we are looking forward to many more with you.*

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