The ‘RE PETITIONER’ - Broadsheet Number 4 

20. Dec - 20. Dec 13 / ended Banner Repeater


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The ‘RE PETITIONER’ - Broadsheet Number 4

The ‘RE PETITIONER’ - Broadsheet Number 4
published by Foundling Court: a free and itinerant print project by Hannah Sawtell.

Readings of the texts by invited readers will commence at 7.30pm:

Sediment and Seduction by Rachal Bradley, a perilous search for the workings of the base, read by Alan Michael.
The Capitalisation of Death by John Russell, read by Fanny Paul Clinton.
Divide and Fracture by Paul Purgas; time, structure and music, and The Fourth Dimensional Politics of Rhythm by Robert Garnett.

Following the enforced urgency of a newspaper deadline to be commonly found in daily news production, four writers, musicians and artists: Rachal Bradley, Robert Garnett, Paul Purgas and John Russell were asked by Hannah Sawtell to respond to the theme of repetitionism, these co-workers jointly shaping the content of the publication.

Sawtell worked with the Morning Star newspaper’s staff, who edited copy and devised a layout that follows a four page tabloid style. Repetitioner was co-designed by Michael Boncza, a former member of the editorial board of Artery Magazine, whose design work includes posters for Latin America solidarity and global union federations, and now works at the Morning Star. The cartoon was developed over a similarly short period, between Sawtell and Bluelou, the Morning Star’s cartoonist.

Broadsheet Number 4, Repetitioner is printed by the Mirror Trinity and published by the imprint: FOUNDLING COURT.

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