Winter Lights: fLumens 

16. Dec - 25. Jan 14 / ended Canary Wharf


illuminated from 4pm-1am

Exhibition | Installation | London

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courtesy of Openlight

courtesy of Openlight

‘fLUMENS’ - Spectacular new light show floats into Middle Dock at Canary Wharf

Prepare to be amazed again this year as Canary Wharf provides an inspirational new take on the much loved tradition of Christmas illuminations. The annual Winter Lights installation at Canary Wharf is always a popular highlight in our award-winning public arts programme. This year the team has commissioned ‘fLUMENS’, a striking wind-powered light installation created by Dutch artist and designer, Rombout Frieling, from OPENLIGHT and Luuk van Laake of DigiLuce. Rombout is the founder of OPENLIGHT, the creative lab of the TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute, Eindhoven. Luuk, a former wind engineer, now explores the boundaries of art, design and technology.

Spectacular, multi-coloured light show
Set against the dramatic backdrop of the district’s iconic skyscrapers, a fleet of ships’ sails will be seen floating in Middle Dock, to which hundreds of light elements or ‘fLUMENS’ have been attached to transform the night sky with changing patterns, striking shapes and multiple colours. Each ‘fLUMEN’ is powered entirely by the wind, activated by speeds of 10kph and upwards, cleverly generating different colours at varying wind speeds.

The piece by Frieling and van Laake is underpinned by ideas that seek to “visualise the wind”. Looking back to the important historical status of the site on which Canary Wharf is built, the piece pays homage to the former docks that were the capital of international trade from the early 19th century, when goods arrived on sailing vessels, using only the wind for power. Frieling comments: “By placing ‘fLUMENS’ at Canary Wharf, we aim to revive this intrinsic connection that trading once had with nature, by revealing the eternal power of the wind, a force we may well need again.”

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