Looking Down at The Sky, a solo show by Deon Hug 

4. Dec - 6. Dec 13 / ended Jaguar Shoes


Exhibition | Photography | London

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New York. Photographer Deon Hug has always loved New York, the way it looked, sounded and smelled. Exactly as Kojak and Woody said it would.

As a photographer, Deon became agitated with a camera in New York, where almost every street-corner felt like a hipstamatic cliché waiting to happen. The yellow cabs, the steam on the streets, the subway graffiti and the wise-guy lookalikes: all seen before, in grainy black and white or glorious Technicolor, 24 frames a second.

Needless to say, the artist couldn’t stay away, so in early spring 2013, he attempted something new and something different.

After a couple of grey, wet days in the city, the hazy sunshine finally started to peek through the clouds, it rained again, then stopped, and then it snowed. Within an hour, the slush on the roads and sidewalks was three inches deep; so picking his way along the slippery concrete Deon found he was forced to look down. This is where he found a different Manhattan.

Deon was keen to find a space that holds the atmosphere and impression synonymous with New York that is captured so uniquely in his imagery. Familiar with Shoreditch’s Jaguar Shoes through earlier, hedonistic years spent in London, Deon instinctively knew the dark, almost dingy nature of the basement walls are a perfect match for the rippling, wind-blown, shape shifting visions of Manhattan seen in his melt-water puddle photography.


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