tête A tête 

6. Dec - 8. Dec 13 / ended Brentford Gallery

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Saturday 7th December: 10am to 6pm. Sunday 8th December: 11am to 4pm.

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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“tête A tête” A portrait exhibition

“tête A tête” is a collection of art works that have never before been seen together. "tête A tête" is a story of identity where multiple narratives explore the concepts of heroism, sacrifice, hope, faith, loyalty, and power, and how they contribute to the formation of one’s identity. Pushing aside the curtains of prejudice and preconception "tête A tête" through a range of mediums looks beyond the outer image to reveal the inner self. "tête A tête" will bring the viewer into a private conversation with the characters on display. Through the portraits exhibited viewers will gain some insight into the artists own identities and also the stories of the lives that have influenced the artists. These include portraits of men who lost their lives for courageously speaking out against oppression and standing for what they believed in; Portraits of affectionate and intimate relationships; Stories of historical and imaginary figures; and stories of a religious faith that has not always been viewed favourably, yet has lasted through generations. As with the reflection of a mirror the viewer may find something of their own inner selves looking back at them.

Artists Giuseppe Messina, Geraldine Buckland, Tremaine Byron, Yesim Celik, Riliwan Olaitan-Adiamoh, Catalina Alistar and Joanna Y-Afari have brought together some of their most interesting pieces in order to create a show that reaches into history, and across class and culture.

Geraldine Buckland

Geraldine Buckland is a young French artist from Lyon. Based in London for the past 2 years, she works in the mediums of sculpture and printmaking; mainly making plaster casts and etchings. Geraldine's work revolves around portraiture which is predominantly based on the men and women (real or fictional) who have influenced and also helped her discover her own identity.

Catalina Alistar

Catalina Alistar is a Romanian artist who started her studies in art at a young age. Most of her research centres on realism, surrealism and hyper realism. Her works reflect emotion, and beauty within the human body. They then develop into a more personal journey by including elements from her own life such as family relationships.

Riliwan Olaitan

Nigerian born Riliwan Olaitan-A grew up in South East London, one of the most deprived areas in England. This location has helped him to understand different people and to also not to be judgmental. Through living in a tough deprived area Riliwan has come to understand that it is easy to create stereotypes based on ones appearance. It is this environment that has influenced Riliwan’s work as a print maker. His portraits not only focus on the hardships people encounter, but also reveal the hidden positive aspects of their life.

Giuseppe Messina

Giuseppe Messina is an Italian young artist whose work focuses on concepts related to his native country. Painting, drawing and photography are the most loved mediums adopted by Giuseppe. He starts his work with very little detail developing them into something new and unexpected. Finding a harmonious balance between the final result and his previous researches is the bases of this artistic process.

Tremaine Byron

Tremaine Byron is a young animator and illustrator born in east London. Tremaine creates portraits based upon a person’s identity whilst never really revealing or giving us a clear description of the person. He does this by looking into the key characteristics that make up a person’s identity. As an animator Tremaine is experienced in creating totally new identities for his imaginary characters.

Yesim Celik

Turkish born Yesim, creates abstract paintings and portraits of people that have at one time been a part of life. Yesim’s portraits which are often done in two toned or vibrant colours contain a lot of her own personal emotions. Both Damien Hirst and Van Gogh are amongst some of the artist who have inspired her work.

Joanna Y-Afari

Joanna Y-Afari is a Christian who was born in London, but who has her roots in the West African country of Ghana. As well as studying fine art, she also works with parents of young children. Her faith, working environment and culture which include both the African and British, have helped to enrich and inspire her art work which mainly consists of oil paintings, drawings, photography and prints. Using symbolic images to create patterned layers that reflect her culture and faith, Joanna has created self portraits that are slightly abstract in nature.

Directions to Brentford Gallery:

Overground: From Vauxhall Rail Station take the Southwest train towards Weybridge get off at Brentford and walk 10 minutes.

Underground: District line to Gunnersbury then take either the bus 237 or 267 from stop A towards Brentford County Court. Get off at Brentford Magistrates Court. Alternately take the Piccadilly line towards Heathrow terminal 4 or 5. Get off at Boston Manor. Then take either the bus 195 or E8 from Stop N towards Brentford Commerce Road get off at Brentford Police Station.

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