AMAE presents The OTHERSELVES Series - Act 1: Indelible 

5. Dec - 5. Dec 13 / ended ]performancespace[


7pm – 9pm

Performance | Performance | London

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Photo: Ivan Lupi

Photo: Ivan Lupi

AMAE presents The OTHERSELVES Series - Act 1: Indelible



The OTHERSELVES Series, Act 1: Indelible
] Performance Space [

Thursday 5th December 2013 (7pm – 9pm)
‘A collective skin. A political statement. An indelible love’

As a collaborative singularity, working on international platforms across the EU, AMAE focuses on the tensions generated in marginalised bodies by hetero-normative society. AMAE’s research contaminates traditional languages of art communication (poetry, video, sound, photography, installation, performance) with mass media via photographic works and performances, which are often broadcast, live on the web. AMAE focuses on inter-subjectivity and transfer in performance art; inheritance and mimicry of behaviour; mimicry against emulation; identification and conflict; primary society and contemporary society; time and space of assimilation of empathetic behaviours; behaviours towards otherness; transient bodies; augmented reality.

Act 1: Indelible
A new performance, open to anyone, but where any same sex couple is invited to use a tattoo machine to inscribe an indelible mark on the performer's skin.

"This piece is beyond trust. It is more about care. AMAE will offer its body to be used for the sharing of feelings.”

AMAE furthers its exploration of Queer Theory with a deeper insight into the notion of care within performance art in relation to the audience's body and the categorization of people in modern society.

“AMAE’s human skin is collecting something deeper than simple touch. We are witnessing individual and collective feelings and we will treasure them by wearing them on our skin. AMAE will share these inscribed feelings with anyone who senses that something frightening is lurking in the world in which we live.”

The OTHERSELVES series is an ongoing project in which the body becomes a safe place, a sheltering tree, and a tablet written by all those minorities who are often pushed to the edges of society.

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