Matthew Killick: DIVE 

6. Dec - 22. Dec 13 / ended Herrick Gallery

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2-6pm or by appointment

Exhibition | Painting | London

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Matthew Killick: DIVE

Herrick Gallery is proud to present new and recent small-scale paintings by Matthew Killick, to coincide with the artist’s current installation of large-scale paintings on glass, ‘Postcards from the deep’, along the road at the Great Eastern Wall Gallery.

Matthew Killick makes hyper-detailed paintings that are influenced by his explorations underwater. A keen wreck diver, he spends much of his time in the English Channel amongst the multitude of ship carcasses that are spread across the sea bed below one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. It is a dark, dangerous place, often with little or no light, and barely any visibility. Within the narrow beam of torchlight, Killick crawls along the sea floor, closely studying the multitudes of life forms that are drawn to these unnatural reefs. Perhaps due to the intense focus this type of diving requires, the work is often reminiscent of electron microscope photography, and biological forms appear that are cell-like or bacterial. Although the works appear to be derived from the careful study of organisms, they are in fact entirely fabricated.

The artist was moved by the beautiful films of Jean Painlevé, a pioneer of nature cinematography. Pre-dating Cousteau, his black and white short films are poetic visions of a microscopic underwater world. Painlevé was a great source of inspiration for many surrealist artists such as Buñuel and Breton. Killick refers to the production of his works as being ‘automatic painting’, whereby images are not derived from photographs, but from fragments of memory combined with imagination.

Matthew Killick lives and works in London.

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