STATE - a group show by Studio8, New Greenham Arts 

10. Jan - 2. Feb 13 / ended Gallery@49-ReOrsa Projects

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | South East

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What does the word 'State' mean? It brought some wildly different ideas to mind for the artists from Studio8 - from stating your case or making a statement, to the solitude of personal inner space. Material and chemical states were considered, through to more political interpretations such as head of state, the state of the country or the notion of being stateless. From the cutting edge position of state of the art to the despair of being in a sorry state. State was the starting point and this exhibition reveals where these diverse thoughts took each artist's work. Studio8 artists are Flora Gare, Shirley Eccles, Sally Haynes, Helen Lunn, Helen Peak, Marie Sudwell, Chrissy Gutsell, and Louise Patey.

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