Our Contemporaries [European Premiere] Mookyoung Shin 

9. Nov - 18. Nov 12 / ended Tramway


12.00-20.00 (not Mondays)

Exhibition | Sculpture | Scotland

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Our Contemporaries, Mookyoung Shin. Image: Kim Sunsoo

Our Contemporaries, Mookyoung Shin. Image: Kim Sunsoo

Kinetic sonic sculpture creates cacophony of sound

Hundreds of skeletal, kinetic ‘fingers’ surround you, determinedly tapping on individual desks. As the ‘fingers’ grow more impatient, the sense of tension builds, climaxing in a mind-blowing cacophony of sound.

Korean artist Mookyoung Shin has created Our Contemporaries in response to a growing sense of the repetitive nature of everyday life. This eerie and disquieting piece poses metaphysical questions about the dreams and ideals of individuals, living increasingly constrained and monotonous lives in a modern society.


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