Katinka Pilscheur . 27-04-2012 

27. Apr - 30. Jun 12 / ended Galerie koal

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Katinka Pilscheur/27-04-2012/2012/ Exhibition view Galerie koal

Katinka Pilscheur/27-04-2012/2012/ Exhibition view Galerie koal

Specifically for the dimensions of the gallery space, Katinka Pilscheur has developed an installation that unites color and architectural structure. The result is a fusion of three-dimensional space and color-space – of rhythm and sound. The work’s conception emerged following a stay by the artist in Cuba in 2011/2012.

The basis of the installation is a wooden scaffolding – resembling constructions used in Cuba to stabilize buildings in danger of collapsing – that is suspended between the two long walls of the gallery, where it virtually “hovers”. This independent architectural-sculptural configuration is simultaneously the supporting structure for large-scale color panels which are integrated by corrosponding to the formal structure and losely lean against it.

The framework itself, which follows a lucid system, consists of timber slats of identical dimensions that are screwed together. Still, there is something inherently spontaneous about it, since it can be adapted to the features of the specific location. A striking aspect of the work is that the structure as a whole is not anchored mechanically to the gallery walls, but instead maintains a self-supporting stability by leaning and resting on itself.

This time, in contrast to her earlier color/paint works, Pilscheur chose from a range of Cuban automobile paints which she purchased on the island – not the vibrant colors typical of the Caribbean, but instead ones which reflect the tones of the natural surroundings.

Fundamentally, Pilscheur’s artistic involvement with colors drawn from everyday contexts is propelled by a double interest: they are the medium of her colorfield paintings, which are concerned with surface, chromatic value, and dimensions, and, at the same time, are material, which is to say substance, wIthin which a history inheres and that endows the paintings with an object character.

Emerging from the interplay of individual elements is a spatial totality that generates a location-specific form typical of Katinka Pilscheur, which reflects on memory and experience and translates these into an autonomous artistic creation.

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