Sunbursts in the City of Shadows John Bunker 

5. May - 28. May 12 / ended Unit 3 Projects

Saturdays 2-6pm (5, 12, 19, 26 May), or by appointment 07837 571184

Exhibition | Painting | London

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Sunbursts in the City of Shadows, 2011-12

Sunbursts in the City of Shadows, 2011-12

New abstract paintings and constructions for a precarious present

''There is something simple but powerful about exposing the structure/skeleton of a painting recycling its body parts turning it both in on itself and out on the world. 'Sunbursts in the City of Shadows' works explicitly in the time-honoured dynamic of collage that is about rapidly responding to the immediate environment with whatever is to hand (both from the street and the studio). I find working with this tension between emerging structure and imminent collapse exhilarating. This approach to painting gives me a way of sensing the outside world and allows me to focus on how I process it internally.

''The twisting and the breaking of a paint covered canvas is like a kind of gestural drawing that works on the discoveries made in the improvised moment. Paradoxically this process highlights the sculptural aspects of painting as an object something caught in a moment of transformation.

''It is in the rubric of abstraction that artists have historically tested the limits of what a painting might be. I set discovery via the contingent and impromptu against the the history of abstract painting like an unstoppable force against an immovable object. I'm interested in how an abstract art can operate in the cracks and fissures in an image saturated consumer society. I would like to think that abstract languages in painting can act as a kind of cultural and personal critique.'' JOHN BUNKER


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