Bi Nam: Image and Identity in Iran 

21. Apr - 12. May 12 / ended Ffotogallery


Exhibition | Photography | Wales

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(c) Amak Mahmoodian 2012

(c) Amak Mahmoodian 2012

Bi Nam will be the first show in the UK representing the work of a group of contemporary Iranian photographers. The photographic and video content of the exhibition explores the cultural and social life of modern Iran, with an emphasis on religion, gender and identity. Using a structure that evokes the classic Middle Eastern collection of stories One Thousand and One Nights, Bi Nam explores the subtleties of everyday life in contemporary Iran and specific codes of conduct that influence a person’s mood, behaviour, relationships and sense of self. There is an undertow of sadness and longing, but also one of beauty, love and devotion. Amak Mahmoodian, one of the participating artists and the exhibition curator, describes the exhibition as ‘quiet thoughts from modest photographers for whom the essence of culture is in the display of their works’.

Raz Golestani, Hadise Hosaini, Mehregan Kazemi, Amak Mahmoodian, Sharare Mossavi, Raoofe Roostami, Mohsen Shahmardi, Arya Tabandepoor, Mohsen Yazdipoor

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