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Visiting Days/Times: Wed 11 April - Sat 14 April/ 10am - 10pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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An ongoing International Exhibition/Collaborative Touring Project 2012-2013

Anywhere our artists will lead this Circus Terminal to! Our route is being formed through online collaboration.

Circus Terminal will endeavour to turn the world’s individual components into one delicious cake that will celebrate the differences and similarities of all human beings and who they are through their art.
This is a radical ongoing project that brings together artists with highly varied backgrounds, irrespective of whether they have been to art school or not. Scheduled to depart from boundaries from all across the globe, the show will be gathering evidence of life journeys. Coming to your town soon, we aim to build new relations and spread the idea of artistic self-reliance. Local artists at each of our ‘Stops’ will be taking part.

41 Artists, 12 different countries and counting........

Sam Clift - London, UK / Charlie W Phillips – Manchester, UK - Japan / MaryAnn McCarra - Fitzpatrick - NY, USA / Kevin King - London, UK / Louise Schmid - Glasgow, UK / Jeff Roland - Eulmont, France / Tom McGill - NJ, USA / John McLaughlin - MI, USA / Noel Wong - Hong Kong / Christy Symington - London, UK / Miranda Sky - London, UK / Gareth Hughes - London, UK / Lynn Todd - Wellington, New Zealand / Pattree Chimnok - Chiang Mai, Thailand / Rinaldo Klas - Paramaribo, Suriname / Toro Manafov - Baku, Azerbaijan / Chris Czainski - Halifax, UK / Liz Parkinson - North Avoca NSW, Australia / Danni Higman - Manchester, UK / Dion Hitchings – Outsider Art Gallery - NJ, USA / Padungsak Kochsomrong - Chiang Mai, Thailand / Anna Luisa Dionello - London, UK / Ciara Foster - Dublin, Ireland / Erin Lee Benson - FL, USA / Katie Hawker- Surface Arts – Chiang Mai, Thailand - UK / Joshua Haycraft - BHBITB – Washington DC, USA / Paul Czainski - Halifax, UK / Gustav Glander - Barcelona, Spain / Josianne Ishikawa – Yamanashi, Japan - USA / Julia Sisi - Canarias, Spain / Seijin Park - Seoul, Korea-UK / Chakkrit Chimnok - Chiang Mai, Thailand / Andrew Stahl - London, UK / Chutima Kerdpitak (Nok) – London, UK - Thailand / Werens (Ramon Puig) - Barcelona, Spain / François Nasica - Nice, France / Charles Auchincloss, Edward Kingsbury III, Edward Woltemate Jr., David "Big Dutch" Nally, Jim Bloom – Represented by Outsider Folk Art Gallery - PA, USA

Project Launch Week/Exhibition Tues 10 – Sat 14 April 2012

Events at our ‘1st Stop’ will be led by local artist - Miranda Sky
Exhibition and Events will be held at The Tabernacle Notting Hill, London UK

All ‘Circus Terminal’ events are FREE.

Opening Event: Tuesday 10 April 2012, 6:30pm-10pm

Visiting Days/Times: Wed 11 April - Sat 14 April/ 10am - 10pm

Collaborative ‘LIVE PAINTING’: Thurs 12 April/ 2:30pm - 4pm

Interactive Open Workshop ‘mini circus’: Thurs 12 April/ 3:30pm - 5pm

Artists' Discussion: ‘Art School or Self Taught - The Impact of Labels on Artists in the 21st Century’: Sat 14 April/4pm - 6pm in the Meeting Room, 2nd floor.

Chair: Dr. Melissa Westbrook (Founder of the ‘Neo-Outsider Art’ Movement)

Speakers: Andrew Stahl (Artist and Head of Undergraduate Painting, Slade School of Fine Art UCL), Jeff Roland (Neo-Outsider Artist & Curator).

Follow our ever-growing project around the globe.....Our ‘Next-Stop’.....Barcelona!
Led by local artist – Gustav Glander at Impaktes Visuals Gallery.

Lead Artist of ‘Circus Terminal’ project - Chutima Kerdpitak (Nok)
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