Acting Workshops With Deborah Voorhees Star Of Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning 

7. May - 25. May 12 / ended The Misty Moon Gallery

£325 for a four day course

10am till 5pm

Workshop | Film / Video | London

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Misty Moon Exhibitions & Events Presents Deborah Voorhees Star of Friday the 13th Part 5

Misty Moon Exhibitions & Events Presents Deborah Voorhees Star of Friday the 13th Part 5

Acting Wotkshops With Voorhees Films

Deborah Voorhees who played Tina in Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning is coming to The Misty Moon Gallery in May to host a number of Acting Workshops. The workshops are 4 days in length and are 2 days on, 1 days off, 2 days on.

Nothing about Voorhees Films’ Acting for Film Workshop is theoretical because film director and producer Deborah Voorhees doesn’t consider her classes successful unless her students work in the film industry.

Besides acting for film instruction, she teaches real-world self promotion and gives students an option of up-to three promotional photographs and three videotaped scenes to be edited into an audition tape for a promotional website or blog.

This four-day intensive workshop puts each actor on camera daily to learn the ends of outs of performing on a film set.

“A film set is very different from stage,” says Voorhees, the director, producer, and writer of the locally filmed Billy Shakespeare. “On stage actors evolve through their emotions in a fluid acting experience. Whereas, film is shot out of order and requires retakes and retakes with consistent movements that appear to be natural. The only way to get good at this is to practice. The best actors in the world study all their lives.”

Students will learn what to expect when on a film shoot such as film-set etiquette and the director’s lingo.

Daily exercises will hone the control of emotional ranges “on cue.” Students will study the effect of their eye, facial and body movements on camera; explore the effect of camera angles and lighting on their performances; practice hitting their “marks” and using camera angles and lighting to their advantage.

All ages and experience levels welcomed. The price of this 4 day course is £325. To schedule a workshop contact Stuart Morriss on07960 993 737 or at

£100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve space in the class. (Lastly, several free websites and blogs are available for actors; for-pay websites will be purchased separately by the student.)

Voorhees Films, a New Mexico film company, is currently in post production with Billy Shakespeare, a what-if comedy that asks, “What if Shakespeare never lived in the 1500s but lived in L.A. today peddling his screenplays?” Renaissance and modern sensibilities clash when an all-male stage version of Macbeth and the misogynistic low-budget film The Taming of the Shrew open simultaneously. The combustion makes “The Bard” the most controversial screenwriter in Hollywood.

Learn more about the filmat or Voorhees Films at

The successfully campaigned on Kickstarter and opens in London at the Misty Moon in 2012. Next for Voorhees Films is the tentatively titled comedy of social Mores, which is scheduled for filming in 2013.

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