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rdgrwlf creates pictures in a holistic approach to art. Each picture shows urban sceneries slightly altered in their appearance, creating differing phenomena. Each picture, physically a combination of different wavelengths, becomes truth while being perceived by viewers, each of whom create their own piece of art, their perception, while viewing.

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James Turrell Raethro Pink, 1968
Projection work
Courtesy Albion,London
 Florian Holzherr
27.05.07Exhibition ended on May 27, 2007

James Turrell - A life in Light

Louise T Blouin Institute, London United Kingdom •••

Christoph Buchel Simply Botiful
01.01.70 ended on January 1, 1970



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The Bricklane Gallery
London, E1 6SA United Kingdom

London, SE11 5RH United Kingdom

Museum 52
London, E2 7DP United Kingdom